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Ayurveda – the Science of Life

Ayurveda has been practiced for over a thousand years and is recognized as an independent medical science in Sri Lanka – in addition to conventional medicine. Ayurveda focuses on the promotion of good health and the alleviation of the causes of disease. The Ayurveda philosophy emphasizes that body, mind, and soul are inextricably-linked and therefore the individual person is always to be treated with an holistic approach

The balanced interplay of all psychological and physical components is described in the Ayurveda medicine with the concept of the three life energies: the three „doshas“, which also penetrate our body and mind individually in various forms:
Vata > air and ether (space) represent movement, activity and perception. It is responsible for the transport of body substances, excretion processes and the nervous system. 
Pitta > fire and water are responsible for digestion, the heat balance, the metabolism, the hormone balance, the emotions. It is the source of the change processes.
Kapha > earth and water is responsible for the physique, the joints, the fluid balance, the immune system and the mental stability

Four Goals in Life

Dharma > „the right way to live„ strives to combine physical health and inner peace. 
Moksha > „enlightenment“means to cross individual boundaries, to liberate yourself internally and to free your mind from the physical world. 
Artha > material wealth, is the attainment of the financial means necessary for a living. 
Kama > is sensual pleasure and enjoyment. Here it is important to avoid excess and thus prevent diseases.

Let it go, let it flow

Ayurveda draws from a rich pool of treatments to bring about a gradual but permanent healing process and to improve physical and mental well-being. A panchakarma treatment is an extremely effective form of therapy. We use a balanced mixture of medical herbs, nutrition, exercise, and meditation and many special cleansing and rejuvenation treatments.

Ayurveda promotes extensively a healthy lifestyle and the mental well-being, today in particular in response to the stress, exertion and overburdening demands of modern life. The intensive cleansing and deep touching of body and mind provide insights that help life appear in a new light.


Our Panchakarma Treatment


"Panchakarma" means “five treatments” – cleaning, rejuvenation, detoxification, revitalisation and prevention.

According to Ayurveda, an on-going imbalance causes diseases. With carefully matched ayurvedic treatments, these toxins are gently removed from your body. 

At Suvarivi Ayurveda Resort, we strictly practice the Panchakarma cures described in the ancient records, assuring maximum results and healing processes. 


At Suvarivi Ayurveda Resort, the healing therapy is adapted depending on your ailment by identifying your type of Doshas. Our Ayurveda practitioners will provide you with the proper treatment to balance your Doshas..

Disorders treated at our healing centre include  nervous or reproductive system disorders, psychiatric disorders, skin diseases, digestive system disorders, gastritis, obesity, arthritis, Sciatica, stress, anxiety, insomnia, migraine, acne, paralysis, hair loss, hypertension, infertility, sinus infections and more. 


Body Balance

Having the right body balance is essential for living a normal and healthy life. It is also important for relaxation and releasing tension.

At the Suvarivi resort, we help to improve your body balance through therapies and exercises. Our treatments are the most effective way to mobilize your body. Our massage therapies are also beneficial for reducing weight as they stimulate all the congested areas, and facilitate the elimination of toxins and water retention.


Herbal Medicine

The treatment methods in Ayurveda purely rely on extracts from nature, which achieve long-term results. Suvarivi’s Ayurveda experts regularly produce herbal medicines using key components extracted from leaves, roots, berries, barks, seeds and spices such as cinnamon and cardamom. 

All our in-house produced herbal medicines are plant-based, free from chemicals and do not cause any side effects. Our recipes follow ancient readings, are thoroughly tested, and certified .

 Certified durch wen? Aruryvedic? Im deutschen Text ist das nicht


Meditation & Yoga

Meditation and Yoga are one of the key pillars of Ayurveda and play a huge role in balancing the human’s body and mind. Both are essential when it comes to enhancing inner peace and focus of the mind. The combination of posture, inner concentration, stability, and controlled breathing and movement fuel energy and train the brain to attain a state of calm. It will also help alleviate back pain.

Professional Yoga practitioners conduct our Yoga sessions. They are anxious to welcome you at 6:30a.m. on our rooftop terrace.


Our Ayurveda diet aims to balance the dosha of your body. We offer delicious wholesome food prepared according to Ayurveda principles – individually prepared for you. Ayurvedic nutrition consists of 6 flavours called “rasas”; sweet, bitter, astringent, salty, sour and hot. A meal, which contains all six flavours is considered well balanced. We use organic produce that is grown in our own garden. Drinks infused in herbs and tea are served all day for refreshment.

You will also learn to avoid sugar. Only fruits and other sweets containing natural sugar sources are served as desert.


All our wholesome meals and snacks are without any additional flavorings or sugar.


You may enjoy tasty traditional Sri Lankan meals throughout your stay. Our food is prepared in clay pots to add more flavor to your meal.


After we identified your body type and Doshas, we will provide you with your individual meal plan.


Panchakarma Intensive 14 Days:

The following treatment program includes a daily treatment program adapted sensitively and individually according to your health and strength status after the anamnesis. Normally, each guest receives at least five treatments per day, depending on their health status.

> Consultation with first medical history
> Ayurvedic diagnostics, including tongue and pulse diagnosis
> Definition of the constitution
> Constitutional analysis
> Introduction to the therapy and the panchakarma procedure
> Thereafter, daily medical consultation
> Personal and emotional support and consultations during your treatment
> Medicinal Gheetage or equivalent according to condition and blood count
> Preparatory measures for intestinal cleansing according to your health condition and medical history
> Holistic care on the day of lactation
> Corresponding medicinal herbs and medicines from our medicinal herb pharmacy, if necessary during the Ayurveda cure high-quality therapeutic oils, individually adapted to the constitution and the health status.

Example of Treatments during 14 days Intensive Panchakarma

> 4 Abhyanga (Ayurvedic whole-body medical treatments) as a manual therapy for loosening body tissues with selected therapeutic oils.
> 4 Shiroabhyanga (head massage) included
> 4 Padabhyanga (foot massage) included
> 3 Svedana (herbal steam bath), with medicinal herbs from our own medicinal herb garden, individually tailored to your needs
> 5 Shirodhara (forehead oil casting), with a profound effect on the nervous system after a full-body massage with high-quality therapeutic oils
> 2 Synchronabhyanga (medical synchronous wholebody massage), performed by 2 therapists with high-quality coordinated therapeutic oils.
> 3 Kizhi (heat treatment from Kalari therapy), manualtherapy with indicated herbal bags, solving effect, very intensive
> 3 Basti (intestinal treatment), cleansing and nourishing
> 1 Nasya (nose treatment with head and face massage)
> final interview including nutrition counseling, individually tailored to you and your health status and your life  situation.

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