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Sri Lanka – "The gem of the Indian Ocean"

Sri Lanka is renown as "The gem of the Indian Ocean” Weligama is located on the southern tip of the island. The island is enriched with important history, which spans over 3000 years. Even today, many of its ancient wonders are found in various regions of the country. Travelers throughout the year are attracted by the bio diverse central highlands, the lavishly green tea plantations, historical monuments, tranquil beaches, huge mountains, rainforests, national parks, as well as  the culinary experience, cultural heritage, Ayurveda, and the abundant flora and fauna. 

Apart from the historical marvels, Sri Lanka is famous for its hospitality and religious diversity. These include Buddhists, Tamils, Christians and Muslims who live peacefully together in every region. Due to different ethnic groups, multiple religious sites like temples, Hindu kovils, churches and mosques are located within nearby distance of the Suvarivi Ayurveda Resort. Due to their multicultural background, Sri Lankans always carry a warm, welcoming smile on their faces and show a friendly attitude.

The sea and the beach town of Weligama may be reached in about 7 minutes with a TucTuc. The beach at Weligama, one of the most famous surfer's paradise in Sri Lanka, invites you to take long walks on the beach. You may also meet many young people who spend their vacation in one of the most beautiful places engaging in all kinds of water sports.

In the temple complex, which is not far away, there is also the possibility to meditate.

The nearest airport, Colombo, is to be reached by car in around 1.5 hours. We also provide a transfer.

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